Stop piracy!

Guys ! I am feeling very vexed right now! And I am also feeling bad to say that the site known as tygpresss is using my blogs to promote it’s site! It was not at all expected. And I also don’t know how to protect my content from such people. I would be glad if someone would just suggest some ways to stop these kind of things.

All the bloggers are working very hard on their content. And these type of sites are using the blogs of innocent people without their permission. As I am new to blogging I don’t know properly how to stop these content! They used my content without my permission. IDK why WordPress allows such things! This is really sick! Stealing someone’s hard work just for making money and letting your moral values down is now a days is trend!

Please if their are some bloggers and same thing is happening with you then raise your voice against injustice! Demand for justice!


Cheap and affordable makeup products!

Hello my readers!

Today I have a post on cheap and affordable products from primer to setting spray! I know there are many girls who wants to look good! But are scared to spend money on products because they are expensive. And this is true after all! Just for looking good no one would like to spend 10,000 rupees every month! I can understand your problems! That’s why I came up with this idea. Hoping that I would help you guys! So let’s get started,

  • Primer:- Starting with primer! Guys don’t skip this step like ever. This is because it creates a sheer layer between your skin and makeup. It fills in the tiny pores and wrinkles. I guess I will do another blog on importance of each makeup products and tell you why we need to apply these products step wise. Leave it! Here I have two primers.

This primer is from brand insight. I know it packaging looks like smashbox. But it’s not same don’t get confused.

Price:- 240 rupees

Quantity:- 30 ml

You can get it from the link given below,

Insight Primer!

Another one which I have for you guys is wet and wild. I know most of you guys have heard about this face primer but this is I guess best primer for 500 rupees. It is specially for covering of those large , visible pores and for oily skin.

Price:- 500 rupees

Quantity:- 25 ml

It is available on the shopping app nykaa I am linking it down below so go and click it,

Wet n Wild face primer

  • Concelear:- Concealers are usually used to hide acne marks , spots, dark circles which are present under the eyes. I have two best concealers under 500 rupees.

The first one is from the brand miss Claire. It’s highly pigmented. And it is specially for Acne prone skin as well as for oily skin.

Price:- 275 rupees

Quantity:- 6 g

Here , I have the link for you guys

Miss Claire concelear

The second one which I have for you guys is Maybelline New York fit me concealer. This is lightweight and have medium coverage. I don’t know but I think Maybelline never disappoints me with its product. It is another best Maybelline product which you would ever use .

Price:- 404 rupees in discount ( actually 475 )

Quantity:- 6.5 ml

The link is down below ,

Maybelline concelear

  • Foundations:- I am going to give you three best foundations which you would definitely love. But I want you guys to know that I am not big fan of foundations because as I have mentioned in my last blog that I love to wear BB cream or CC cream more than Foundation . This is because I feel Foundation is very heavy and I just don’t like it. Anyways I am going to mention some foundation for you guys.

The foundation which I am going to talk about right now is coloressence Aqua makeup base.

Price:- 200 rupees

Quantity:- 35 ml

coloressence ( beige )

Another another one is from Maybelline it’s called Maybelline New York fit me.You must have heard about this product right??

Price :- 425 rupees

Quantity :- 30ml

Maybelline fit me foundations

The last one is from the brand Lakme it says Lakme 9 to 5 weightless Mousse on it. The link is given here only so I will also mention the price and quantity.

Price:- 400 rupees

Quantity:- 25 g

Lakme foundation

  • Contour:-

Now I am going to share some of my favourite contour products. I have two contour products given below for you guys .

First one is from the brand sugar it says sugar contour De force Mini bronzer.

Price:- 400 rupees

Quantity:- 4 g

Sugar contour

The second one which I have is the PAC contour so it’s little bit costly than the sugar one.

Price:- 450 rupees

Quantity:- 3 g

PAC contour

  • Blush:- I think everyone loves blush . No matter what even if we are late to work or school or to college we don’t forget to put at least some blush to our cheeks. So here are some of my favourite blush which which I hope you would love so take a look down below,

Its essence matt touch blush. I love matte blushes so I go with this one. It has this pink type of pigmentation in it which definitely gives my cheeks a glow.

Price:- 260 rupees

Quantity:- 5 g

Essence matt blush

Wet and wild is one of my another favourite blush. I always used this blush whenever I have some occasions to go.

Price:- 300 rupees

Quantity:- 5.8 g

Wet n Wild color icon blush

  • Highlighter:- I don’t know but from all makeup product highlighter is the one thing which I love like a lot I can’t even express my l love for highlighters. I think my makeup is always incomplete without a highlighter it just gives you that subtle glow to your cheek bones!

Incolor baking highlighter is the product which I use on daily basis . It’s very good and it’s doesn’t give you that shimmery type of pigmentation to your cheekbones infact gives you proper glow.

Price:- 295 rupees

Quantity:- 9g

Incolor baking highlighter

Another highlighter is also from my favourite brand which is Maybelline. It says Maybelline New York face studio master Chrome on it and it is like really very good highlighter which I have ever found under 500 rupees.

Price:- 468 rupees

Quantity:- 6.7 g

Maybelline New York face studio master Chrome highlighter

  • Setting spray:- After putting so many things on your face you definitely don’t want your all these hard work to get destroyed from water. What if you are outside and it suddenly starts to rain all your makeup would just simply wash away from mascara to the foundation! So now onwards don’t forget to put setting spray before leaving your house.

Blue heaven makeup fixer is one of my choice. It is not even so expensive as compared to other setting sprays are.

Price:- 300 rupees

Quantity:- 115 ml

Blue heaven makeup fixer

The last product which I have is from the brand wet and wild . It’s name is wet n wild focus Matte setting spray. Its cost is exactly around 500.

Price:- 500 rupees

Quantity:- 45 ml

Wet n wild matt setting spray

That’s it for today guys thank you for taking out time and reading this blog of mine. Don’t forget to comment and tell me which are your favourite makeup products . Please mention which are other makeup products which are cheap and I forgot to mention.

Love you all.

Spread love and peace.

Christmas party outfits !

Hello my beauties!

Wishing you a merry Christmas! It’s officially 25th December in India. I don’t know about other countries because they have different time zone . Any way have a happy Christmas.
So this time I have something on how to slay a Christmas Eve when you realize you don’t have anything to wear. Let’s admit it girls we have lots of clothes in our wardrobe still we scream before Christmas that “I don’t have clothes”. Agree or not this is same in my case. Without any more delay just get into it…. I m so excited and I will make sure to put the link of the dresses I have down there.


Okay! The other day I was going through shein (a shopping app) I got this awesome velvet dress which was just perfect to rock a Christmas Eve in an elegant way. You can definitely go for something velvety this year. I think for Christmas , velvet would be definitely a choice for me. If you like the dress which I have put above , then you can click on the link below and grab it before it gets out of stock.

maroon velvet dress

70s dresses:-

Let’s bring back those 70s dresses with animal prints on it. I love all those bodycon dresses with leopard print on it. I have one here you can take a look

This is also from shein! I don’t know but I like most of the dresses from shein only like I get all kind of varieties and brands. I think dresses from 70s was just…

70s leopard print dress


Okay! Who wouldn’t love the comfy feeling of fur during chilling nights. I love fur jackets as it’s looks awesome when it is paired up with proper denims and boots. It’s just casual and most comfortable clothe to wear in a Christmas Eve without getting the tag of “boring”.

So this is actually from the brand h&m ! You can get it online the link is right here! Just go for it! It’s also not too pricey. It has a decent price I guess.

grey fur jacket


And if you want to look like Goddess then you should give a try to proper glittery dresses. I guarantee you that you gonna slay! Nothing else I need to say about it because a picture would be enough to describe it.

Are you seeing those glitters popping out of it. Just imagine getting out with this kind of dress and you would be center of attraction. Ok ok! You have imagined a lot ! Now go and get it….

Glittery Goddess dress

I gave you so many options and I hope you would go with these kind of clothes this Christmas and look like lit. As I am having enough time to write for you guys so I will post everyday with something on fashion or my skincare or my own stories.

Merry Christmas once again!

Love y’all!

Spread love and peace!

My birthday makeup look!

Hi beauties!

I m soooo sorry for the late post . I was really busy this whole month. I had my exams and results coming out too. So I didn’t get much time to write any blog! But now as everything is cleared up I am back with my new post! So my exams officially started from 3rd December and on 2nd December I had my bday! BTW I turned 17 this year! As my exams was on 3rd I didn’t celebrate my birthday like I do! Nevermind ! I have this amazing makeup look for you guys which I did on my birthday! So just get ready! Take out your makeup brushes and just start doing it…

The first thing which I started with was washing my face with my all time fav Cetaphil face cleanser!

Then, I just applied lots of moisturizer ( Nivea ) for winters specially! I don’t use foundation like daily! Because it’s too heavy I feel! So I go for CC cream instead ( Lakme ) in shade bronze! Just grab small amount of it in your palm and blend it in your face with sponge! I think sponge is the best beauty blender you would ever find! I also gave my cheeks a hint of orange blush . This will give your cheeks a different glow! Even Kylie also likes to put a little bit of orange on her cheeks!

Moving on to eyes ! I just used Miss Claire baked eyeshadow (2 shade) it’s kind of orange in colour! And I applied Gigi Hadid Maybelline gel eyeliner on my waterline! This is one of the best product of Gigi Hadid Maybelline collection! So you should definitely give it a try to this! And then curl your eyelashes and apply mascara (blue heaven walkfree) !

I think my makeup is always incomplete without a highlighter ! So I highlighted my cheekbones with……I don’t which company is this but it says pearl powder! So you can use your own highlighter whichever you wanna use.

For lips I used Huda beauty liquid lipstick ( cheerleader ) it’s in a red tone which suits warm skin tones!

So! That’s it! This was my final look! I hope you would definitely give it a try and tell me how it went! Love ya! Spread love and peace!

Cetaphil oily skin cleanser product review

Guys sorry for the late post. I am so sorry for this but I was pretty busy because I have exams coming over. This is my first product review. Cetaphil skin cleanser is one of the best thing I have ever used. I have been suffering from acne like it’s a worst thing one girl can experience in her teenage life. Never mind we have to deal with it. So before starting on it I just want you guys to  know about my skin type. My skin is oily and acne prone. This means my skin releases lots of sebum and it has clogged pores which definitely leads to acne. This could be due to genetics or hormonal disbalance or not having a proper diet. I think I am getting diverted from my topic but this is just general thing about skin. 

Packaging :- It’s fully white small bottle with it’s name written on it. I think it’s very travel friendly as it is not that small or not to big. So you can just put it anywhere in your bag. One thing which I like about it’s packaging is that it’s not so fancy and decorative. It is just simple.

Purified water, PEG-200 hydrogenated Glyceryl Palmate & PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Acrylates/Steareth-20 Methacrylate Copolymer, Glycerol, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Butylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Dexpanthenol, Methyl Parahydroxybenzoate, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Disodium EDTA.

Advantages:- The best thing about using this is that it’s non drying. This is the thing which got me obsessed with it. You must have tried out products which completely makes your skin dry and takes away the required sebum which is actually not good for your skin. But this cleanser is not like that it only washes away dirt and excess oil. It doesn’t even feels itchy or irritated which most of the cleanser feels. It has exact ph value which actually our skin needs. And it’s also non-comedogenic.

Disadvantages:- It smells medicated. Actually its smells horrible like medicines. I hate the smell a lot. It is not good at making foam. If you want to make foam you have to take a large amount of it which is the wastage of product. I think nothing else is there to hate about it. Because I don’t find anything else which I can hate! I actually liked this cleanser!
So that’s all for today guys ! Don’t forget to mention what cleanser you use ! And I will definitely try them out! Xoxo!


5 Ways to find yourself

Hey guys nice to meet you again. And thanks for visiting my post. If you haven’t read my last post yet then just go and check it out. I will link that after this post gets over. So without any delay lets just jump into the topic.

Let’s be honest , are you guys happy with yourself?? If the answer is no then don’t worry I am here to help you out. Here, I have five tips for you guys which will help you to find yourself. Trust me guys, I have tested all these things on my life and it was a great success for me. All these tips are listed below just look down and change your life.


Do what your heart says : If I ask you guys to do something please do it, it would really make you feel better from inside.When you wake up next morning just go straight and stand in front of mirror. And ask yourself question like how you want to see yourself?? Ask yourself that you really love yourself?? And if the answer is no then don’t expect anyone else to love you because if your not loving yourself then how someone else can love you. Look, this is a simple logic. Give it a thought. So, before loving any stranger out there love yourself first. Follow your heart and everyone else will follow you. If you are not happy about your job or you are not happy about the subject that you have opted, then leave that job and that subject. Go for something which you love to do.


Ditch the society:- It means not giving damn to society. If you keep thinking what society will think then I am sorry to say this but you can’t progress. I am saying this because society will judge you and criticize you constantly. They will try to put you down and make you feel low at every point of your life. You know a fun fact society always influence our decision. Guys we all are unique we all have our own thinking process and we all are allowed to take our own decision. Then why we need to change our decision according to society. Just be confident and stand for your own decision.

lilly singh

Finding an ideal:- Okay! after I got to know who Lilly Singh was I got obsessed with her because I don’t know. She is such an inspiration for me , She helped me to get inspired to do something new. And another reason why I love her because she is an Indian who makes youtube videos and makes us Indians proud. So what I am trying to say here is you need to find an inspiration whom you love. Go to any social media platform like insta , youtube or fb and find a perfect ideal for yourself who helps you to get inspired and make you happy from inside. Here I have linked her video. I hope that you would check it out.

superwoman draw my life

Motivate yourself:- For motivating myself I watch videos of people who gained success by doing hard work. Read books with inspirational stories. Reading books is the best way to full fill yourself with knowledge. So , put some inspirational quotes on your wall and if possible just change your mobile wallpaper with some thoughtful quotes. If possible try to make quotes yourself, it would improve your writing skills and would increase your confidence level.


Positive people bring positivity:- Surround yourself with positive people this tricks always like always work. Last year I was a negative person , my friends were like we can get negative vibes from you. Unfortunately, this was so true I always used to think that something bad is going to happen no matter what the hell I was doing! At one point of my life I stopped trusting people I was like these people are so mean and i literally started losing friends . Then I just moved on, I started surrounding myself with people who helped me at my worst time and you know what they were all positive people. I am glad that I lost my old friends and now I only have few friends but they are really close to me. Just change your company.

Now, it’s time to end it here. Hope you all liked this. As I have mentioned that I would link down my last post so it’s here,

Tips for long distance friendship

Go down and comment what else should I write in this context. Don’t forget to share and like it. Soon I will come with another good topic for you guys. Spread love and believe in peace.

Tips for long distance friendship

Hey guys! It’s Amisha. This is my first time of writing a blog. The reason for writing blog is to help people with their problems. And I enjoy writing in my free time.
Are you not sure about long distance friendship??? Are you scared that you are going to lose your best friend forever??? Are you in a confusion that your best friend is going change after he or she shifts to other state or a country?? There are so many other questions which people keep asking me on regular basis! And if I go on listing the questions I guess it would never end! Me and my bff are in a long distance friendship for 7 years and next year we are going to complete 8 years of friendship. Isn’t it great ??
Now the question is how I manage my long distance friendship?? The answer is very simple I try my best to make any relationship work! Here I have few tips for you guys to save your friendship.

Believe in your relationship:~ I think this is the most crucial thing in every type of relationship. Just believe that your relationship is going to last until you meet for the next time. Believe in your friend that she is not going to leave you if he or she gets new friends.

Regular calls are not necessary :~ People are like making any long distance relationship work you have to regularly call . This is not true at all. Believe me guys , me and my bff only talk to each whenever we get time. It doesn’t matter for us that how many times we call each other in a day! Whenever we get time we just call and talk for few hours. But calling for her birthdays is must for me. Because you can’t forget the birth date of your bff if you are true friend.

Knowing each other daily routine:~ Sometimes people get upset if they are not given time by their long distance bff. But people should know the reason behind it. It is because your daily schedule is not matching with your bff. You should know your bff daily routine. It would easier for both of you. Not knowing your friend routine can be a negative factor. So it’s very crucial for you to know at what time your bff is free to talk. In this way, both of you can give time to each other.

Keeping secrets:~ Are you not sure about sharing your secrets with your long distance bestie??? Just imagine guys what your bestie would get by telling your secrets to the people who don’t even know you! Just think about this point. Don’t be scared of sharing secrets at least to your best friend. Just pick up the phone and call your bff and share the exciting news.

Having patience:~ Don’t lose your hope. One should always visit his or her bff once in a year. It will help you to get motivated and would improve your relationship.I am not saying that you should see your bff every month but at least once in a year. Don’t give up if your not getting perfect time for meeting up. There is always aright time for everything to happen. The only thing you need is patience. Don’t get demotivated what other people speak about long distance relationship. Have hope and I think hope is the best thing to hold on any relationship.

That’s it guys. These were my few tips for making long distance friendship work. Just put efforts and hope for the best.